Plant on Demand - The software solution for short food supply chain transactions


Digitize Your short food supply chain AgriFood Business.

Plant on Demand is a platform that digitalizes and optimizes the trading processes and operational flow for the agrifood supply chain, as a digital tool with essential ERP-CRM functionalities. The software is a platform for organic and local farmers, cooperatives, distributors and retailers that creates frictionless commercial transactions by creating a unified workspace and a common language among all actors. On top of that, the platform operates as a Business Intelligence tool based on data collected from those transactions (price, demand, quantities sold, etc.) to return agency to the members of the ecosystem by generating real-time and ready-to-use data and analytics for them to take informed decisions and foster coordinated production.

The target users are producers, farmers, cooperatives and food distributors that wish to digitize their sales process with a tool adapted to the particular needs of the B2B and B2C food trading. It is also useful for those producers who would like to cooperate with other producers but are missing the digital tools to achieve so.

Technological and digital innovation to enhance business performance and direct interactions between producers and consumers, and tackle bottlenecks in short food supply chains.


Technological and digital innovation

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Natalia Valle Aguirre
Cristina Mellado