Vacuum cooling solutions for food products


The pre-cooling system enables local (in place) packaging for the producer (field-packed products), without transport to a cooling house. After cooling and packaging any regular distribution channels are available.

  • this is a pre-cooling postharvest technology for the removal of the field heat;
  • minimal process system;
  • existing fix and mobile system;
  • fast removal of the field heat in vacuum due vaporizing after harvesting;
  • uniform cooling, same temperature (as well on the surface as in the cold junction);
  • individual parameter settings for the different products;
  • preserve quality and taste;
  • substantially longer shelf life of the fresh produce;
  • specific developed control system;
  • save on energy costs;
  • vacuum cooling methods are much more effective and modern than the traditional technologies;
  • mobile, it is possible to move by truck trailer e.g. to the field, direct to the harvest place;
  • in cooperation with other farmers, the utilization of the vacuum cooling system is more beneficial, the costs can be shared among the partners;
  • different capacities are available.


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