Vacuum-microwave technology - innovative dehydration technology for new food products


Vacuum-microwave technology is a rapid, low temperature drying method that maintains food product’s colour, flavour and nutrients. This technology enables uniform drying with flexible moisture content.

Practical benefits of this technology are: (1) high speed processing since drying is rapid and with significant time savings over other drying technologies (e.g. air drying and freeze drying); (2) scalability since machine can scale from research and design level, batch production to continuous commercial production; (3) flexible moisture content in final product. Namely, uniform volumetric drying allows control over final moisture content and texture achieving shelf stable final products in parallel. (4) continuous processing because this technology can integrate into continuous production line (5) reduced energy saving due to rapid drying time (6) new product opportunities due to a new technology that enable production of food products unachievable with other technology.

After drying process the new food products can be easily and regularly distributed in ambient temperature all over the world food market. The reason is reduced moisture and prolonged shelf life.


Technological innovation

End users

Food manufacturers deal with fruits, vegetables, dairy products, ready to eat meals and snacks, meat and sea food



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