Mobile poultry coops


Landwirtschaftskammer Niedersachsen (Chamber of Agriculture Lower-Saxony) supports the mobile poultry farming (organic and conventional). In Lower Saxony, mobile coop systems for poultry are free of building permit up to a size of 450 m3. The mobile housing system presents some advantages:

  • Mobile chicken coops are fully equipped, movable pens, which can be used throughout the year for housing chicken;
  • Their movability and flexibility prevents and/or reduced silting, over-fertilization and accumulation of parasites;
  • Less work on the actual house allows more time for animal welfare.

The advance mobile poultry housing also offers completely new possibilities for the direct marketing of eggs in the local region. These systems convince consumers with a transparent farming system that promotes animal welfare.

In Germany, several companies (e.g. Farmermobil GmbH or Hühnerstall-Mobil) produce a large range of mobile layer housing, from traditional to fully automatic operation (feed, water, air intake, air exhaust, manure belt, family nests, egg collection belt, etc.), to meet all needs for housing systems. All farmers involved in poultry farming can make use of this innovation.


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Franz-Heinrich Veltrup
Stefan Neuner
Christine Pahmeyer