Operation Food Freedom


Operation Food Freedom wants to reconnect citizens with the farmer, the horticulturist, the fruit grower, the history of the landscape of the Stelling van Amsterdam (UNESCO World Heritage site) and the New Dutch Waterline as the largest national monument in the Netherlands, with the living environment. Operation Food Freedom develops a 'community of purpose', draws up a manifesto, helps to boost pilot projects, programmes and communicate via a participation platform to connect people and organisations with the story of the landscape and the Water defence lines in the Netherlands. In short, placemaking for the region to accelerate the food transition and connect parties to this historical and contemporary story.

Utrecht Food Freedom as an example, has proven itself by organising, directing, facilitating and communicating activities, connecting parties (farmers, producers, transport, consumers, authorities, knowledge parties etc). The Province of Utrecht is thus supporting frontrunners in a region that can be an example for other regions.


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