Disinfections systems for the food sector


These systems can be used for the disinfection of indoor air, surfaces and water – for the industrial use in the FOOD sector.

Innovative solution is a compatible, antimicrobial liquid that consists of naturally raw materials. This system implies using of carefully chosen ingredients, without components containing alcohol and other chemical substances which application is questionable. The antimicrobial effect results from the specific properties of these ingredients and their synergetic interaction. Due to these synergetic interactions, the innovative solution ingredients are highly effective in very low concentrations.

With the continuous use of the this innovative solution in filling and sealing systems, the final products are significantly less contaminated by yeasts and mould and will stay stable for a long-term basis. This leads to a long-term and sustainable hygiene security. Consequently, above-mentioned significantly secures the “best before date” and can even extend it.

This novel technology can be used for small- and medium-sized companies as well as for big business. The capacity and type of required systems depends on the production specifics. Country, region and location are not limiting factors for this solution and system implementation in some company. After the application of this solution, food products can be distributed all over the world market, due to their stabilization and microbial reduction. Shelf-life of food product depends of type and properties of certain product.


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