Fruit press


In a competitive environment, offering final products to the consumers that are regular in shape, color, taste and size is essential. Thus, the fruits and vegetables that do not respect these criteria can represent important waste that can be economically unprofitable for producers. Several years ago, Biofruits decided to invest in a fruits and vegetables press to valorize the products that cannot be sold through the conventional channels or directly to the consumers due to bad external quality (shape or color non-compliant with the standards). The technology offers a high-quality final products.

If the generated innovation is implemented, all fruits and vegetables can be processed to produce juices. The technology can process for example 1 kg of fruits to produce 7 deciliters of juices. Then it depends of the fruits, if it is juice or nectar, or if it is another beverage. The main advantages of this technology are the preservation of the nutrients and the contents of the fruits and vegetables, in order to keep all the healthy and good components. Furthermore, the taste is also representative of the product (i.e. preservation of the aromas of the raw materials). The shelf life of the final product is also interesting, extending the product consumption to 24 months. Finally, the innovation proposed favor products’ diversification of the firms and facilitate the access to different markets and/or consumers.


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SĂ©verine Roth