Voedsel in de buurt (Food in the neighourhood)


Voedsel in de buurt is a service of Amped Concepts BV in collaboration with farmers' cooperative Local2Local. The service enables residents, organizations, companies and municipalities to set up their own local food chain. Individuals and groups can submit their food needs/wishes via an online platform, this data is used to set up the local food chains and distribution points. This approach makes it possible to purchase locally produced food collectively and to offer it at an affordable price. Voedsel in de buurt provides templates for flyers, press releases and social media, in order to recruit participants in the neighbourhood or within organisations. The platform can add new sections for new regions or initiatives wanting to make an inventory of local food needs.

Added value and benefits:

  • Insights in region specific needs for local food products;
  • Stimulation of local produce consumption;
  • Establish efficient logistical processes;
  • Strategic insights to target consumer segments;
  • Create effective marketing and communication campaigns;
  • Lower prices of local products through collective procurement.


Business and consumer innovation

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The Netherlands


Amped Concepts BV. – Mark Frederiks
Dirk van der Beek