Transforming your grocery store into a springboard for transformational activities


The non-profit co-operative “Allotropon” is premised on and supports the concepts of solidarity economy and community development. Allotropon members habitually engage in practices that develop the sense of ‘doing something right’ and, at the same time, activate social links with other network members or the local community. In doing so, Allotropon members use the grocery store, which is also home to a café by the same name, as a springboard for transformational initiatives that reinforce the social value of its short food supply chain, get people together, and stimulate social activity. For example, Allotropon’s members have transformed the store and café into a meeting point for the exchange of knowledge and ideas, and a venue for different events, such as food fairs, “earth fests” (e.g., informational events devoted to the real value of seeds), cultural happenings (e.g., concerts, film screenings, book presentations), speeches, and socially-oriented campaigns (e.g., gathering food items for refugees, catering for the most deprived). Everyone is welcome to get on board and reap the fruits of this social metamorphosis.




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