Vending machines for agricultural fresh food products


Landwirtschaftskammer Niedersachsen (Chamber of Agriculture Lower-Saxony, Germany) is implementing vending machines for agricultural fresh food products. This type of vending machines can be accessed 24 hours a day and do not need special maintenance by workers. Further, agricultural activities are not interrupted by customers at the production site. AGRiDEE is a supplier for locker style fresh food vending machines. This style of vending machine, refrigerated and non-refrigerated, can enable egg, fruits, vegetables and all fresh food farmers and producers to develop farm gate sales free from the fear of theft. The vending machines, with 92 to 192 compartments, are easy to install everywhere. A single cash register system is always needed as a basis for all AGRiDEE vending machines. Consumers can pay with cash or with different credit cards.

With this type of vending machines, farmers have a new way to sell fresh food products direct to the public without having to deal with customers and, as the vending machines eliminate middlemen, the farmer nets more profit. AGRiDEE offers a large variety of vending machines for different types of fresh food products.


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